Mucho Arte Management believes in actor representation based on trust and confidence. Confidence in the promise and excellence of new young talent. Confidence in the ever growing experience of more recognized faces with a diverse career path. Confidence in the dynamic and enriching strength our International actors bring to our portfolio.

All of our actors have extensive training at a professional and prestigious level and above all maintain the utmost enthusiasm and a profound respect for their craft and work.

The term “mucho arte” in Spanish means “gifted, unique, brilliant, with a lot of style, remarkable”. At Mucho Arte Management we are a united team with the unifying aim of a job well done with an emphasis on professionality, commitment and the highest standards of communication and performance.

Welcome to the Mucho Arte site which will give you a chance to acquaint yourself with the diverse profiles of our actors and actresses, both national and international, who very soon will become increasingly familiar faces in your productions. And don´t forget, here you are going to find “Mucho Arte”….



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